About the Power of Why

And the value of connecting the dots

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Engagement 102

How to make people stay

Created by roland@tritsch.org / @innolocity

Weak reasons to work some place

  • I get more money than in other places (and I am waiting for the IPO to give me an extra bonus and will then cash out)
  • Good work-life balance that allows me to stay healthy/workout ... be a mom/dad ...
  • I am having fun ...
  • I am learning something ...

Weak reasons are weak, because they are not differentiated
and (easily) replicable, means you can find them (easily) somewhere else

Strong reasons to work some place

  • You believe in the purpose of the endeavour
    • "I am saving the planet" ... "I am building a cathedral"
    • ... and this matters to me because ...
  • You get an opportunity for personal growth by working for/with strong leaders
    • You get to do something difficult that you have never done before ... and while you do it you get a chance to watch a blueprint in action

You are either working for something or someone

You are either working CARING for something or someone

The greatest task for any person is to find meaning in his or her life. There are three possible sources for meaning: In work (doing something significant), in love (caring for another person), and in courage during difficult times. - Viktor Frankl
He who has a Why to live for can bear any how.- Nietzsche

How to make people care?

The Power of asking Why?

Once a month ask:
Why do you do what you do?
Why does it matter?

Possible answers:

  • I don't know
  • Because you told me to do it
  • Because ...

Building cathedrals

Connecting the dots

Be prepared ...

  • ... to connect the dots ...
  • ... for the people that work with you and for you!!!

Be prepared ...

  • ... to talk about the cathedral we are building and why what they do matters
  • ... to talk about why what you do matters and explain how what they do helps you
  • Wash, rinse, repeat
  • Every month
  • Care

More thoughts ...

Care is key ...

Care comes in a couple of shapes and forms

  • Care for ...
    • ... a group of people (the team that works for you or the team you are a part of)
    • ... a single person (the CEO, your boss, the one friend you have in the company)
  • Care about ...
    • ... a big idea (and feeling fine to share the caring with a lot of people (the cathedral))
    • ... a smaller task (Building the roof. This tasks needs you. Nobody else cares about it like you do)

YOU need to choose what to care for/about!

Otherwise ... you will be unhappy!!!

Care creates belonging ...

... and everybody wants to belong to something or somebody!!!

(And even the most independant of us want to belong ... don't fight it :))

Mastery and

- Dan Pink

Talent meets
Passion meets

- Sir Ken Robinson, The Element

Leadership comes down to believing so strongly in the future you want
that your enthusiasm, confidence, and drive in getting there infects those around you
and the reality of today transforms into that vision of tomorrow through shared work and sacrifice.

- Max Levchin

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