The Colossus of Rhodes

2008-04-20 Management Innovation

Now. Lets get things started. Lets talk about innovation.

for a well-known reason (at least) once a year i am in greece. this year we also went to rhodos to see the colossus

question is: was this innovation? i mean, is it innovative to come up with the idea to build something like the colossus?

what is the nature of innovation? how is it for instance different from creativity?

there are obviously lots of websites that offer a definition of creativity and innovation. there are also attempts to define the difference between creativity and innovation

fortunately i had one of my most trusted advisors with me and the conclusion of the discussion is, that creativity is about ideas and innovation is about results. Creativity is the at the core of innovation, but not every creative idea is also actually innovative, because innovation always serves a purpose. Innovation is directed towards a goal. It strives to improve a situation in a given context.

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things." Theodore Levitt (Havard Buisness School)

i think the colussus was a creative idea, but have him hold up the fire to find the harbour was innovative.

next: is the iphone creative or innovative?

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