Builder and runner of functional teams and functional systems

Explorer of extreme digital nomading and remote-first cultures

My name is Roland Tritsch. I am The Extreme Digital Nomad (TEDN). I am a Software Craftsman and I am applying my craft to building and maintaining beautiful Software Gardens. I am also a Manager. And a Husband and a Father. I like to make engineers grow and users smile. I like computer science. I believe that computers and software can help to make this planet a better place. When I am not building, running or fixing something (preferably using a functional programming language like Haskell or Scala), I am on a hike (somewhere).

My favorite …

  • Song: My Way (Frank Sinatra)
  • Quote: Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again! Fail again!! Fail better!!! (Samuel Beckett)
  • Progamming Languages: Pascal, Eiffel, Clojure, Scala, Haskell, …
  • Hobby: Reading, Coding and Hiking
  • People: My wife and my son
  • Book: How Roland Rolls

A poem about Roland …

Racing towards his dreams, he wanders far and wide,
Out in the world, adventure by his side,
Listening to nature's beauty, he seeks to explore,
Always finding new paths, never settling for before,
Navigating life with courage, his spirit free,
Daring to be different, that's Roland's key.

Note: This poem was written by chatGPT. I asked it to use this website to write a poem about me, so that the first character of every line spells my name. I think the result is kind-a accurate.

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