Randy Pausch - about elephants, walls, rooms and TVs

2008-08-04 Management Culture

Last week Randy Pausch died. With all the hype around his cancer and "the last lecture", it was/is kind of hard to see who he was or what he was. Yesterday I tried to find out a little bit more and watched his presentation on time management. Good presentation, but not something that we haven't heard before. In the end I have to agree with him: He is a smart professor, but there are lots of smart professors out there. What made him unique was not what he did, but why he did it and how he did it. From what I saw of him, he had a passionate ambition to make learning fun. His students were his customers and he felt an obligation to deliver value to them. He found his purpose and lived it. And this makes him a role model.

Here are my personal take-aways ...
  • if there is an elephant in the room ... then talk about it!
  • "experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want"
  • walls are there to show you how much you really want something
  • if your children want to paint their room ... let them do it!
  • switch off the godd.... television
In this blog I am not talking about how he dealt with his cancer, because I believe that this is not something he wants to be remembered for.

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