The iPhone screen - Is it a problem or a solution?

2008-10-05 Software-Engineering SOA

Lot's of interesting exciting stuff is going to happen with FUSE over the next couple of month. 

Especially on the tooling side. The other day I was riding in the car with Oisin Hurley (Head of Tool Development for FUSE) and we discussed the value of having NOT a lot of screen real-estate, because it really makes you think about what the problem is the user wants/needs to solve and how you can guide the user through that process.

There is a good video-cast available from Apple, which talks about the principles of good UI design for the iPhone. I believe these principles are good principles regardless how much screen real-estate you have. To that extend designing UIs for limited screen real-estate is more a solution than a problem. It creates the right attitude :).

Other opinions? Thoughts?