Apache CXF vs. Axis 2 - The current state of affairs or The missing book

2008-12-07 Software-Engineering Open-Source Web-Services SOAP SOA

(Blogging from the plane again. This time on my way to the Progress
Sales Kickoff in Miami.)

The other day I stumbled over a good presentation
from Falko Riemenschneider. The high-level summary is ...

* Axis 2 is not as easy to use as CXF, but is more ubiquitous in the
marketplace (and got better documentation, including a book in german)
* CXF is a very well developed piece of software, but needs more
people using it (and needs more/better documentation, including a book
in any language, but preferably in english)

I need to think about this book thing. Anybody interested to write a
book about CXF in English?

<Couldn't keep my mouth shut>
I am volunteering myself to translate it into German.
</Couldn't keep my mouth shut>