Link of the Month - TwitterFeed

2008-12-28 Personal LOTM

In the last two month I have put some work into my online presence (website, blog, twitter, linked-in, ...). Obviously I try to minimize the maintenance effort for me, but maximize the user experience for the "customers" of my online presence (I am talking about you, dear reader :)). 

One great tool in this regard is TwitterFeed. It allows you to create "feeds", which will "listen" on RSS feeds and will then turn them into tweets. An obvious use case is to create a "listener" on your own block and make sure your followers learn when you publish a new blog entry.

A more sophisticated, integrated (and wwwwaaaayyyyy cooler) use case is to use NetNewsWire to read your RSS feeds/news/articles and use the integration with to bookmark what you read. You then go to TwitterFeed and create a listener on the RSS feed on your account and voila: everytime  you are reading something and bookmark it with a tweet gets generated. Very elegant. I like it.

I also added a "My" widget to my blog (on the right hand side), which means that my reading list will also get updated automatically.

Check it out. Let me know, if there are more better ways to integrate your online presence.