Reading books - Steve Jobs, Raising Boys and The Complete Robot

2009-06-18 Personal Books

A month ago I decided to use some of my time during the summer and work my way through the pile of books that I always wanted to read and never really got to. The first four weeks proofed to be interesting, very interesting.

I started with "ICon: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business". It is obviously a biography about Steve Jobs, but it is also a good book on the history of Apple, the Silicon Valley, Next, Disney and Pixar. It is an unauthorized biography and is (sometimes very) critical of Steve Jobs and how he got to where he is today.

"Raising boys" was the next one and is a must read for Mums and Dads. Some of the stuff is common sense, but some chapters give a good insight into what the hell is going on sometimes and why.

Currently I am reading "Isaac Asimov's - The Complete Robot" a collection of short stories about robots and how they will (potentially) become part of our society. One story talks about a boy who prefers his robot-dog over a real one. Just wondering how many children prefer their gameboy over a (real) dog. Good food for thought.