Why are we surprised? - "Hot, hot, hot"

2016-02-08 Personal Environment

Christina loves me. For a lot of reasons. One of them is that I have this habit of putting stuff into the microwave, heat it for 10 mins (I am exhaturating) and then try to take it out with my bare hands, while shouting (with this expression of total surprise on my face) “hot, hot, hot”.

Why am I surprised? If you put stuff into the microwave (longer than 30 secs) it is probably going to be (very) hot, right?

Over the last couple of weeks I looked into a mirror. A couple of times.

People came to me and talked about …

… and tell me about it with this expression of surprise and sensation (in the voice and in the face).

I wonder why. I hope nobody is surprised, because this is going to get worse, before it might get better again. And better means that we will hopefully find a way to stabilise the weather and the planet in a different niche. I do not believe that we can go back to the niche we occupied in the last 100000 years. I think it is to late for that.

So … lets get ready for a world where Ireland is the summer vacation destination of choice in Europe. Not because the weather is so good, but because in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece it is going to be so hot that you can’t go there anymore and the power grid will not be able to support everybody running the air conditioning on full power.

Lets not be surprised. We all have put the stuff into the microwave/atmosphere and are heating it now for 100 years. It is going to be “hot, hot, hot”.

If you want to understand more/better, how this works, I recommend you calculate your oecological foodprint.

Lets act. Now.