Penny ... everything is better with ... blockchain :)

2016-10-17 Software-Engineering Blockchain

In terms of technologies right now I am very much focused on Functional Programming and Machine Learning and Software Engineering for Mobile Devices and … a couple of other things (Rust, Go, …), but wanted to dedicate a blog post to a technology that will (IMHO) have a significant impact on our future: Blockchains (or more specfically the Ethereum project).

Why are we talking about this …

… because everything is better with blockchain :).

Last week I was in SF and I did a Lunch & Learn on Blockchain Technology and Document Management and what it can potentially mean to a company like Nitro.

The essence here is that with the introduction of an “active” blockchain technology like Ethereum you can build all kinds of smart contracts. It is a blockchain on steroids.

I think we only begin to understand what that means and what kind of impact this can have.


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