Tenable new hire training ... and integrating sbt-release with sbt-github-release

2018-05-04 Software-Engineering Scala

The other day I was flying to the Tenable new hire training in Columbia/MD and that means … 8 hours of uninterrupted coding time!!!


At the same time, I saw/found the sbt-guthub-release plugin and started to wonder, if it would be possible to combine it with the sbt-release plugin.

And while I was thinking about this I figured “what the hell”, why not creating another opinionated giter8 template to bootstrap my scala projects, means at the end I decided to spend the 8 hours on bringing a couple of things together …

The idea was to provide a fat template and allow people to delete what they do not want/need.

And at the end I had a very rewarding flight :).