Advent of Code 2017 ... Revolutions!!!

2018-08-11 Software-Engineering Functional-Programming Advent-of-Code Scala Kotlin

Let’s talk about the Advent of Code … again!!!

Last time we talked about a/the Scala implementation.

This time around I figured that I need to understand what the hype about Kotlin is all about and decided to port my Scala solutions to Kotlin.

There is a separate blog post on what I think about Kotlin, but overall it was a positive experience. I like Kotlin (but would not suggest/recommend it as a replacement for Scala).

The main result of the effort to port the code to Kotlin was a benchmark.


A couple of notes about the benchmark …

  • the benchmark was run on a MacBook Pro (Early 2011) with 8MB of main mem
  • nothing was optimized and/or tuned (not for Scala, not for Scala-Native and not for Kotlin; these are plain vanilla out-of-the-box numbers)
  • means … this is NOT scientific!
  • would suggest that you run the benchmark(s) on your platform to get your own set of numbers
  • I was not able to make Day18, Day21 and Day25 work for Scala-Native. This is why there are dummy implementation for them and this is why the time is 0
  • (As you can see from the color coding) Scala-Native deliveres (in most cases) the slowest results. Kotlin is (in a lot of cases) the fastest. Scala is a fast follower/second :)

Otherwise … enjoy!!!