Mobile Monday in Belfast - WebServices to foster innovation

2008-05-21 Software-Engineering Mobile Conferences Innovation

Monday evening I spent in Belfast at the Mobile Monday, presenting on "How to access WebServices from the iPhone" (pictures are available upon request :)).

Good event. We had 30 people in the room. Good format. Four short presentations with good networking before and after the talks.

My favorite presentation was Michael Crossey from Aepona, talking about "Exploiting Telco Asserts through Telecom WebServices"

One interesting point that he raised is that Mobile Telecom Operators are currently challenged (or even threatend) by "Over the top" applications (applications that use the network as a bit-pipe), which will over time marginalize the value of the operators in the value chain.

Therefore the operators have to find new innovative ways to stay relevant. And they also know, that time is of essence. And they know, that if you are in a business for a while, you develop a certain amount of a tunnel-vision. Therefore they need help. The suggested approach is to expose network capabilities as WebServices (maybe comparable to the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud - EC2) and let other people innovate based on this set of capabilities.

WebServices as a way to make asserts digestible for a large group of people to foster innovation. Here is a new business value for WebServices.