Commercial Open Source for Apache Projects - Survival of the fittest

2009-01-22 Management Open-Source

Just found another company offering commercial support for Apache ServiceMix and Apache ActiveMQ (like we do :)). For me this is good news. It shows that more and more people use Apache integration projects in mission-critical deployment scenarios. And that these deployments generate enough value for customers to warrant an "insurance" against worst-case scenarios. 

For me it was never the goal to be the only company to offer consulting, training and support for Apache integration projects. My goal was (and will always be) to provide the "best" (read most valuable) consulting, training and support offerings you can get for these projects.

Luckily Progress shares this ambition. This year we will increase the revenue we generate with FUSE (and the budget that comes with it) by roughly 200%. 

Statements like this ...

"With the recent announcement of Progress Software acquiring Iona Technologies, Freedom OSS believes that professional support for Servicemix ESB and Active MQ will be dropped from IONA/Fuse."

... can safely be considered FUD.