TEDx Dublin - Reviewing a very nice friday evening

2009-06-18 Personal Conferences

Last friday (means already almost a week ago) I had the chance to attend the first TEDx event in Dublin at the Science Gallery. To make a long story short ... it was a GREAT event. Great people, great presentations, great location. If you ever get the chance to attend a TEDx event or maybe even to attend a TED conference ... DO IT!!!

Just in case you have never heard about TED I suggest you check out the website. There are hundreds of thought-provoking videos and presentations available. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED conferences are held every two years and provide a platform for Ideas Worth Spreading. And my god, some of these ideas are worth spreading indeed.

Here are a couple of presentations I found interesting ...
... and there are lots more.

Back to the event in Dublin ... we had about 200 people in the room (packed) and the event was very well organized and moderated by Aaron Quigley.

The presenters talked about ...
... and all of the presentations featured live demos of the research results (very impressive). There are good blog posts and pictures about the event available.

My personal favorite was Mark's presentation on AR. Can't wait for the Mac version of BuildAR to become available.