The Digital Cookbook ... Insights into Digital Transformation and how to go about it!

2018-01-25 Personal Books

Nitro’s mission statement is …

Nitro Mission Statement

And right now … Digital Transformation is a very hot topic. For most of the Fortune 500 companies! And it is also a very complex topic (e.g. How to make sure that (PDF) documents can become a first class citizen in the Digital Transformation initiative).

Companies obviously want it. Either to gain a competitive advantage or at least to not put themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Then the obvious question becomes: How to go about it?

And in that context there is good news! A year ago, Dirk Krafzig, CEO at SOAPARK and co-author of Enterprise SOA, pulled together a team of authors to create a cookbook on Digital Transformation.

The Digital Cookbook

The book is structured into four parts …

  1. Why it is Important to Become Digital Right Now: We elaborate first, how digital empowers a new thinking in businesses. As a core effect of digitalisation, enterprises gain robustness allowing them to better deal with a variety of complex challenges. Enterprises are forced to act in order to meet the immense competitive pressure.

  2. What is a Digital Enterprise: The transformatory power of digitalisation revolutionizes the way, how business is executed. A large variety of new business models appear. In addition to the opportunities arising for individual enterprises, new ecosystems of businesses evolve.

  3. How to Become a Digital Enterprise: Digitalisation requires nothing less than a comprehensive transformation of the business model. From the outset, the digitalisation initiative must be launched and governed from the top due its all-encompassing impact on the enterprise. The digital transformation is then getting shaped strategically.

  4. How to Execute the Digital Transformation: Once the new digital business model is defined, the digital transformation is driven forward in various dimensions directing the relevant governance tools. We show specific areas of focus in finally executing such transformation initiatives.

… and is right now probably one of the best introductions to the topic of Digital Transformation (with a lot of practical advice on how to go about it).

The book got released before christmas and is now available on Amazon.

Take a look and enjoy :).

Full disclosure: I am one of the guest authors :).

The Digital Cookbook