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2020-04-06 Personal TEDN Environment

… is the laptop? No (but more on this later)!

… is the mobile phone (with good 4G coverage)? No (and again … more on this later)!

… is a foldable coffee mug!!!

When you start to work remote (from home, from any place, …) you will discover that you will end up in coffee shops (either because you want to (because you want/need to fight the cabin fever) or because you have to (because you want/need to find/have a WLAN connection)).

And then you realize that more often than you want you will end up with a throw-away cup. Dublin alone produces 1 million cups per day.

I would suggest that you get yourself a foldable coffee cup. Thank you. Very much appreciated!!!

Mine is from pokito (in orange :)) and is awesome, because you can fold it into 3 sizes (small, medium, large). Highly recommended.