A starting point for ... Apache Felix, OSGi, Scala, Sbt

2012-09-16 Software-Engineering OSGi Scala Functional-Programming

It is not a secret ... I like OSGi and Scala ... and therefore it was only a question of time until I started to wonder, if there is anything that ... Read More

Managing complexity with OSGi - In bundles and between bundles

2010-04-22 Software-Engineering OSGi Thoughts

Right now the Brandvis SelectPortal system is based on Microsoft .NET and we constantly improve it and add features. While we do this we also ... Read More

ACCU 2009 - Slides are available

2009-06-20 Software-Engineering Conferences OSGi SOA

A couple of weeks ago I attended ACCU 2009 to deliver a talk on "RESTful Services and Distributed OSGi - Friends or Foes" and "AJAX for Mobile Devices ... Read More

FUSEforge Lightsaber/Lightsabre - Research on Asynchronous Distributed OSGi (for Jedi's :))

2009-06-09 Software-Engineering OSGi SOA Innovation

The Distributed OSGi spec (RFC 119) is coming along nicely, means now might be a good time to raise the head and start to think about what might come ... Read More

Embedded Software Engineering - Can we avoid another software crisis

2008-08-12 Software-Engineering Embedded SOA OSGi

The term "software crisis" was coined 1968 by F.L. Bauer during the first NATO Software Engineering Conference in Garmisch, Germany and was used by ... Read More

2008 OSGi Community Event - talking about trains

2008-06-23 Software-Engineering OSGi Conferences

Two weeks ago I attended the OSGi Community Event in Berlin. One of the presentations was from Deutsche Bahn about their new Mobile Integration ... Read More

Software Engineering Radio - talking about OSGi, Rest, Opensource, ...

2008-06-23 Software-Engineering Books OSGi Open-Source

In the last four weeks a lot of people asked me about this "show" I am listening to on my way to work. It is called Software Engineering Radio and ... Read More