X-Mas Project 2: Building a "FlieWaTuet" - Using Mignon :)

2014-12-29 Personal Nerdy

Warning!!! This has nothing to do with Scala or Software Engineering in general. Read at your own risk :).

Ok, I admit it: This post is a little bit off-topic, but we had too much fun not to talk about it.

It all started with an afternoon and nothing to do. At the end my dad, Alexandros and myself decided to get my dad's old Mignon box and just build "something". Amazing experience.

Alexandros did build a canard plane (probably inspired by the Beechcraft Spaceship).

I started with an "engine" and was just wondering what I can do with it. At the end I had a car with something on top that was turning and we christened the thing to be a "FlieWaTuet".

For me as a Software Engineer it was a strange experience to assemble something and then see it working and moving. It is very rewarding. I think in my next life I will study mechatronics :).