Visit the Powerscourt Gardens ... the Home of Software Gardening

2016-10-28 Software-Engineering Management Culture

Clearly … and obviously … the idea of Software Gardening is not mine. But as I have already mentioned once or twice … I like it a lot.

And it is also something that we have adopted here at Nitro Engineering as a guiding principle for our daily actions and daily habits.


In general software architecture is something that you cannot see or touch, but in October I had the engineering managers in Dublin and that chance was just too good to not use it, means we all hoped on a bus and went to see the real thing!!!


We found our data lake …

Date Lake

… and the message bus that leads to it …

Message Bus

When we found the Japenese Garden in Powerscourt Gardens we discussed architectures in architectures (sub-architectures) and that this can work as long it is confined and does not bleed into the rest of the garden …

Sub Architectures

… and at the end we fixed a broken window, because we found some litter on this piece of grass, …

Broken Window

… picked it up and left the garden in better shape than we found it.

A day to remember …