Code Elixir LDN 2019 - 3 languages in 3 minutes

2019-08-01 Software-Craftmanship Conferences Community Elixir Functional-Programming Haskell Nerdy Scala

Last week I was in London attending Code Elixir LDN 2019 delivering a lightening talk on 3 languages in 3 minutes

This was my first Elixir conference. We had about 100 people there. The conference was very well organized. From what I can see London is one the Elixir hotspots in Europe.

All of the talks where good, but a couple of them where of even better value to me personally (because I am the newbie) …

  • An Event-driven Approach to building Elixir Applications - Ben Smith … because at Community we are building a shared-nothing microservices architecture that uses event-sourcing concepts for state propagation
  • Performant String Processing Scripts in Elixir - Johanna Larsson … because I spend some time with Johanna after her talk to find out why Elixir was/is so much slower for the simple implementation. The good news/bad news was that we couldn’t find something obvious to be wrong with the implementation. I will spend some time to investigate this more. Stay tuned …
  • The River - Bruce Tate … because Bruce talked about the Elixir journey: The past, the present and the future. It was very interesting for me to learn where Elixir is coming from and where (he thinks) it is going

I am looking forward to my next Elixir conference.