The end of the pandemic - Social Media Edition

2021-06-10 Personal Thoughts

Now it is (almost) official: The pandemic is over (or is coming to an end fast/soon). In the next couple of days I am going to get my second shoot. Last week I was staying for 5 days in River Valley Holiday Park (first time in 12 month that I was able to do a multi-day_trip with the TEDN van). And next week I am going to Germany (and I am going to stay there for a month).

Means some of the things that I like (e.g. traveling, working remote (on the road), meeting people, attending conferences) become more possible again (I just hope that we (as mankind) do not go back to the amount of air-travel that we had before the pandemic).

Just for the record: The pandemic has been good to me. I did a lot of things that I would have (probably) not done without the pandemic …

But … one thing that I stopped doing was tweeting. Normally I tweet at last once a week (and twice on the weekend). My last (regular) tweet was from May., 10th, 2019. Time to get back to it. Brace for impact …

PS: Additionally I have/use my instagram account to keep you in the loop on what The Extreme Digital Nomad is up to.

PPS: I am NOT using my facebook account anymore.