Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose - ... or ... how to unleash creativity.

2010-06-08 Management Culture

This is going to be a short blog post. A Facebook post by Brian Kelly made me revisit the stuff that Dan Pink did and is doing. The main idea behind ... Read More

Skills, Innovation and the future of Ireland - Bermuda Triangle or Trinity

2009-06-07 Management Personal Culture Innovation

Ireland (like any other country in the world right now) needs to reinvent itself. The Celtic Tiger (1.0) is over. Question is: What's next? Do we want ... Read More

Commercial Open Source for Apache Projects - Survival of the fittest

2009-01-22 Management Open-Source

Just found another company offering commercial support for Apache ServiceMix and Apache ActiveMQ (like we do :)). For me this is good news. It shows ... Read More

Open Source Marketing - and what it got to do with the Michelin brothers

2008-11-11 Management Open-Source

Open Core Licensing and the business model behind it is not (really) new. When you look at it from a history/marketing point of view there are lots of ... Read More

Open Source Business Models - Open-Core Licensing

2008-09-02 Management Open-Source

OH NO, please!!! YABOOSBM!!! Yet another blog entry on open-source business models :). Ok, let's make it as short and as sweet as possible :). This ... Read More

Randy Pausch - about elephants, walls, rooms and TVs

2008-08-04 Management Culture

Last week Randy Pausch died. With all the hype around his cancer and "the last lecture", it was/is kind of hard to see who he was or what he was. ... Read More

Innovation on Innovation - How to make elephants dance

2008-06-05 Software-Engineering Management Innovation

Yesterday I went out and had a pint with Sailesh Panchal. He is an Enterprise Architect with the payments division of Lloyds TSB in London. Part of ... Read More

The Colossus of Rhodes

2008-04-20 Management Innovation

Now. Lets get things started. Lets talk about innovation. for a well-known reason (at least) once a year i am in greece. this year we also went to ... Read More