The sensoric revolution - iPhone/Chumby integration

2008-05-21 Software-Engineering Mobile Innovation

The embedded/mobile software market is growing faster than the rest of the industry. From my point of view this just the tip of the iceberg, because ... Read More

Complexity explained simple - Ciaran McHale talks about security

2008-05-20 Software-Engineering Security Books

Just finished a/the review of a great presentation on security and security concepts published by Ciaran McHale on His claim is ... Read More

Mobile Monday

2008-05-13 Software-Engineering Conferences

Got invited to talk at the Mobile Monday Series in Belfast.Looks interesting/promising. Will publish a post lateronnext week. Read More

Apache-CXF generates client-side SOAP stack for the iPhone

2008-04-13 Software-Engineering Mobile Web-Services SOAP SOA

Yep. It was inevitable. Sooner or later we need to talk about the iPhone. And there is a lot to talk about ... the innovative hardwarethe business ... Read More