Need a new phone - iPhone vs. Blackberry vs. Android

2009-05-18 Personal Mobile Tips & Tricks

Last year I went hill-walking with Andrew and Adrian in Kerry. By now everybody knows the story: I drowned my iPhone in Adrian's backpack. The ... Read More

The iPhone - and what you can learn from thinking about it

2008-07-05 Software-Engineering Mobile Innovation

On Sunday I went to the driving range and while Alexandros was working on my early retirement plan (aka. he making lots of money with golf and I am ... Read More

Mobile Payment - what is needed

2008-07-04 Software-Engineering Mobile Innovation

in the last 4 weeks, i was talking to sailesh panchal (Enterprise Architect - Payments at Lloyds TSB) and hermann sauer (EDS - Integration Engineering ... Read More

RESTful Services - Dana Gardner, Adrian Trenaman, Roland Tritsch

2008-06-17 Software-Engineering Mobile Conferences REST

Everybody is talking about REST. We do too :). Join us on July, 15th for this existing Webinar on REST and RESTful Services. Will include a live demo ... Read More

Mobile Monday in Belfast - WebServices to foster innovation

2008-05-21 Software-Engineering Mobile Conferences Innovation

Monday evening I spent in Belfast at the Mobile Monday, presenting on "How to access WebServices from the iPhone" (pictures are available upon request ... Read More

The sensoric revolution - iPhone/Chumby integration

2008-05-21 Software-Engineering Mobile Innovation

The embedded/mobile software market is growing faster than the rest of the industry. From my point of view this just the tip of the iceberg, because ... Read More

Apache-CXF generates client-side SOAP stack for the iPhone

2008-04-13 Software-Engineering Mobile Web-Services SOAP SOA

Yep. It was inevitable. Sooner or later we need to talk about the iPhone. And there is a lot to talk about ... the innovative hardwarethe business ... Read More