The TEDN Van

2020-04-14 Personal TEDN Culture

Here we go again: There is good news and bad news!!!

The good news is that the TEDN Mobile Office project is making good progress!

TEDN Mobile Office

By now we (means mainly my dad :)) have …

Kitchen the TEDN Mobile Office
  • put in a screen
  • installed an external 230V power plug (so that I can get power on/from a camp-ground)
  • installed a fridge and a sink and a cooker (basically a kitchen)
  • tested the tent (see below)
  • installed a roof box (to store the tent)
  • got ourselves a foldable e-bike

… means: we are ready to rock and roll!!!

Testing the TEDN Mobile Office

Working in the TEDN Mobile Office

The bad news is (obviously): It remains to be seen, when I will be able to go to Germany to pick it up. In the meantime I trust my dad that he will put the van to good use (as soon as he can/when he can again)!