Renault Zoe - STOP Electric Motor Failure

2023-04-09 Personal Environment Nerdy Tips & Tricks

I used to have a Nissan Leaf (for 6 years) and now I have a Renault Zoe (for 2 years).

I was and I am very happy with these cars. I am very happy to drive electric cars. Point. Period.

What I like is to learn what it takes to drive an electric car. You need to learn a lot. About the car. About electricity. About batteries. About the (charging) infrastructure. And lot’s more …

For instance, if a car with a combustion engine starts to make funny, squeaking noises when you step on the accelerator you know that the v-belt needs tightening or replacement.

We need to learn all the little things that we have learned about cars with combustion engines for cars with electrical engines (again).

For instance the ZOE seems to have a problem with it’s 12V battery, when it is cold outside and you are not using the car for a couple of days.

Seems the 12V battery is getting low on power and when you try to get into the car and drive away you get greeted with a big, red warning (and a beep) telling you …

STOP: Electric Motor Failure

In my case I was always able to (re)solve this by getting into the car and switch on the car and let the car sit there for 20 mins. After 20 mins the engine battery has (re)charged the 12V battery enough for the warning to go away.

Problem solved.

Disclaimer: This works/worked for me, but I am not a mechanic. My analysis of what is wrong and how to fix it might be wrong. Follow this advice at your own risk.