Effective Mac - Using OpenOffice, NeoOffice and/or iWorks08

2009-01-04 Personal Mac Tips & Tricks

Finally! OpenOffice is now available for the Mac. In the last two month I used OpenOffice 3.0, NeoOffice 2.2.5 and iWorks08 in parallel (with a ... Read More

Link of the Month - TwitterFeed

2008-12-28 Personal LOTM

In the last two month I have put some work into my online presence (website, blog, twitter, linked-in, ...). Obviously I try to minimize the ... Read More

Social Networking - Del.icio.us rediscovered! or Do we need the Open Social API?

2008-10-28 Personal Tips & Tricks

(Blogging from a plane en-route from DUB to BOS using the email interface of blogger.com :))The other day I updated my website with the details of my ... Read More

Link of the Month - FUSE TV

2008-10-22 Personal LOTM

Great new content. Check out FUSEsource.com!  4 weeks ago we huddled in our "new" HQ in Bedford for Managment Meetings (and other fun :)). Debbie had ... Read More

Link of the Month - FUSE is moving on ...

2008-10-18 Personal LOTM

... to FUSEsource.com. As part of the Progress acquisition we decided to change the host/domain name of the FUSE community website from open.iona.com ... Read More

Effective Mac - Using Time Maschine

2008-09-30 Personal Mac Tips & Tricks

On Saturday at 08:00am it happend to me. I move/dragged an email into a folder on my Mac and the machine froze. Diagnosis: Catastrophic harddisk ... Read More

Effective Mac - Open-Source Mac

2008-09-10 Personal Mac Tips & Tricks

Was looking for an opensource search engine for the Mac and found this interesting website. I am already using half of the apps, but will take a look ... Read More

Effective Mac - Growl back to work

2008-09-07 Personal Mac Tips & Tricks

Stumbled over James's blog entry about useful software for the Mac and added Growl to my list of software that you need have/use to be effective, but ... Read More

Effective Mac - call me slow

2008-07-12 Personal Mac Tips & Tricks

You can call me slow, but it took me only a year to find the RSS reader that everybody else is using. David Greco finally pointed me to NetNewsWire. ... Read More

Link of the month - Google Twitter (GTwit)

2008-07-07 Personal LOTM

Micro-blogging (Twitter, Pounce, Facebook, ...) just go a little bit easier. Check out GTwit. It is a light-weight Google App, that allows you to ... Read More