Open Source Innovation - Fact or Fiction

2008-08-25 Software-Engineering Open-Source Innovation

Is Open Source Innovation an oxymoron? Is Open-source fostering innovation or killing it? There are two school of thoughts out there: First, there are ... Read More

Solid State Disks - Level 5 cache

2008-08-25 Software-Engineering Innovation

Last month I had the pleasure to spend 2 hours in the car with Klaus Grieger. Klaus and myself know each other from ObjectDesign and Versant. Right ... Read More

The iPhone - and what you can learn from thinking about it

2008-07-05 Software-Engineering Mobile Innovation

On Sunday I went to the driving range and while Alexandros was working on my early retirement plan (aka. he making lots of money with golf and I am ... Read More

Mobile Payment - what is needed

2008-07-04 Software-Engineering Mobile Innovation

in the last 4 weeks, i was talking to sailesh panchal (Enterprise Architect - Payments at Lloyds TSB) and hermann sauer (EDS - Integration Engineering ... Read More

Innovation on Innovation - How to make elephants dance

2008-06-05 Software-Engineering Management Innovation

Yesterday I went out and had a pint with Sailesh Panchal. He is an Enterprise Architect with the payments division of Lloyds TSB in London. Part of ... Read More

Mobile Monday in Belfast - WebServices to foster innovation

2008-05-21 Software-Engineering Mobile Conferences Innovation

Monday evening I spent in Belfast at the Mobile Monday, presenting on "How to access WebServices from the iPhone" (pictures are available upon request ... Read More

The sensoric revolution - iPhone/Chumby integration

2008-05-21 Software-Engineering Mobile Innovation

The embedded/mobile software market is growing faster than the rest of the industry. From my point of view this just the tip of the iceberg, because ... Read More

Quantum Leap

2008-05-18 Personal Culture Art Innovation

Today we went to a local art (flee) market. We were looking for some paintings for our new house. At the end we could not agree on anything, but I was ... Read More

The Colossus of Rhodes

2008-04-20 Management Innovation

Now. Lets get things started. Lets talk about innovation. for a well-known reason (at least) once a year i am in greece. this year we also went to ... Read More