Commercial Open Source for Apache Projects - Survival of the fittest

2009-01-22 Management Open-Source

Just found another company offering commercial support for Apache ServiceMix and Apache ActiveMQ (like we do :)). For me this is good news. It shows ... Read More

Apache CXF vs. Axis 2 - The current state of affairs or The missing book

2008-12-07 Software-Engineering Open-Source Web-Services SOAP SOA

(Blogging from the plane again. This time on my way to the Progress Sales Kickoff in Miami.)The other day I stumbled over a good presentation from ... Read More

FUSE on the german autobahn - listing to a CAOS podcast

2008-11-25 Software-Engineering Open-Source

For private reasons I had/have to spend some time in Germany these days. The house of my parents is about 45 mins away from the office, means I get to ... Read More

Open Core Licensing - moving from "bait-and-switch" to "suggest-and-complement"

2008-11-11 Software-Engineering Open-Source

The Open Core Licensing discussion is really refreshing! Lots of good ideas and lots of good energy. Obviously the "earlier" versions of the model ... Read More

Open Source Marketing - and what it got to do with the Michelin brothers

2008-11-11 Management Open-Source

Open Core Licensing and the business model behind it is not (really) new. When you look at it from a history/marketing point of view there are lots of ... Read More

Open Source Business Models - Open-Core Licensing

2008-09-02 Management Open-Source

OH NO, please!!! YABOOSBM!!! Yet another blog entry on open-source business models :). Ok, let's make it as short and as sweet as possible :). This ... Read More

Open Source Innovation - Fact or Fiction

2008-08-25 Software-Engineering Open-Source Innovation

Is Open Source Innovation an oxymoron? Is Open-source fostering innovation or killing it? There are two school of thoughts out there: First, there are ... Read More

Software Engineering Radio - talking about OSGi, Rest, Opensource, ...

2008-06-23 Software-Engineering Books OSGi Open-Source

In the last four weeks a lot of people asked me about this "show" I am listening to on my way to work. It is called Software Engineering Radio and ... Read More