Effective Android - Using Apache CXF to access SOAP services

2009-09-21 Software-Engineering Mobile Web-Services SOAP SOA

A year ago I developed a small set of demos to show how to access SOAP services from the iPhone. To do this I used a very interesting feature of ... Read More

ACCU 2009 - Slides are available

2009-06-20 Software-Engineering Conferences OSGi SOA

A couple of weeks ago I attended ACCU 2009 to deliver a talk on "RESTful Services and Distributed OSGi - Friends or Foes" and "AJAX for Mobile Devices ... Read More

FUSEforge Lightsaber/Lightsabre - Research on Asynchronous Distributed OSGi (for Jedi's :))

2009-06-09 Software-Engineering OSGi SOA Innovation

The Distributed OSGi spec (RFC 119) is coming along nicely, means now might be a good time to raise the head and start to think about what might come ... Read More

Orchestrating the orchestration - EIP vs. BPEL vs. BPML

2009-01-23 Software-Engineering SOA

Occasionally (and in any case not often enough) I am having diner or lunch (or any another excuse) to meet my dear friend Klaus Grieger. He is a ... Read More

Apache CXF vs. Axis 2 - The current state of affairs or The missing book

2008-12-07 Software-Engineering Open-Source Web-Services SOAP SOA

(Blogging from the plane again. This time on my way to the Progress Sales Kickoff in Miami.)The other day I stumbled over a good presentation from ... Read More

The iPhone screen - Is it a problem or a solution?

2008-10-05 Software-Engineering SOA

Lot's of interesting exciting stuff is going to happen with FUSE over the next couple of month. Especially on the tooling side. The other day I was ... Read More

Complex Event Processing - An exiting (new) frontier

2008-10-05 Software-Engineering CEP SOA

Through the merger (:)) with Progress, I got exposed to the new exciting field of (Real-Time) Complex Event Processing (CEP). There are a couple of ... Read More

Embedded Software Engineering - Can we avoid another software crisis

2008-08-12 Software-Engineering Embedded SOA OSGi

The term "software crisis" was coined 1968 by F.L. Bauer during the first NATO Software Engineering Conference in Garmisch, Germany and was used by ... Read More

FUSE Master Class Series - Hidden Gem

2008-05-23 Software-Engineering Books SOA SOAP Web-Services

A couple of weeks ago, I published the first 3 videos of the FUSE Master Class Series on the open.iona.com wiki. Sooner or later we might link to it ... Read More

Apache-CXF generates client-side SOAP stack for the iPhone

2008-04-13 Software-Engineering Mobile Web-Services SOAP SOA

Yep. It was inevitable. Sooner or later we need to talk about the iPhone. And there is a lot to talk about ... the innovative hardwarethe business ... Read More