The Software Gardening Manifesto - A copy

2023-07-01 Software-Craftmanship Culture Thoughts

In case the Software Gardening Manifesto is down or otherwise not available, here is a copy of it … SOFTWARE GARDENING MANIFESTO Software ... Read More

Emacs Pair Programming - Innovation-Week Q2/2022

2022-05-01 Software-Craftmanship Community Culture Emacs Innovation Lisp Nerdy Remote Tips & Tricks

We (at Community) just had another Innovation-Week. I was actually working on generating pact-files from frontend code and then generating openapi ... Read More

Reconnecting to RabbitMQ with AMQP in Elixir

2021-10-26 Software-Craftmanship AMQP Community Elixir Event-Sourcing Functional-Programming Micro-Services Tips & Tricks Web-Services

Updated (2022-01-01): Added stage. At Community we are building a platform that will allow you to have meaningful conversations with large audiences ... Read More

Effective Programming with Scala(3)

2021-06-02 Software-Craftmanship Functional-Programming Scala

Just finished the brand new Effective Programming with Scala course on Coursera. It is a beginners course and it is excellent for beginners. Good ... Read More

Some more fun with Scala3

2021-05-15 Software-Craftmanship Advent-of-Code Functional-Programming Nerdy Scala

Scala3 is here. In my earlier post I saw some weird performance differences between Scala2 and Scala3 (RC3) and felt (obviously) compelled to run the ... Read More

More fun with Scala3

2021-05-01 Software-Craftmanship Advent-of-Code Functional-Programming Nerdy Scala

Note: Look here for 3.0 benchmark numbers The release of Scala3 is imminent. In April I ported/migrated nmesos from Scala2 to Scala3 and I just did a ... Read More

Scala 3 is ... gluten-free!!!

2021-02-21 Software-Craftmanship Functional-Programming Nerdy Scala

A couple of month ago I started to have stomach cramps. First it was only once week, but then it was more or less constant. Funny enough I had to find ... Read More

Code Elixir LDN 2019 - 3 languages in 3 minutes

2019-08-01 Software-Craftmanship Conferences Community Elixir Functional-Programming Haskell Nerdy Scala

Last week I was in London attending Code Elixir LDN 2019 delivering a lightening talk on 3 languages in 3 minutes … This was my first Elixir ... Read More