The Ideal Team Player - HHS vs. DAC

2023-02-10 Management Books Culture Remote Thoughts

Patrick Lencioni (obviously) wrote The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. In that book we learn that the five dysfunctions you need to avoid are … ... Read More

Discussing Remote ... the book!!!

2020-04-07 Software-Engineering Management TEDN Remote Culture Books

These days people look for advice and insight into how to build and run a remote-first engineering organization. And want/need to learn fast!!! One ... Read More

The Digital Cookbook ... Insights into Digital Transformation and how to go about it!

2018-01-25 Personal Books

Nitro’s mission statement is … And right now … Digital Transformation is a very hot topic. For most of the Fortune 500 companies! ... Read More

The myth of ... getting it right the first time

2017-06-06 Software-Engineering Books Culture

I am reading it again: Clean Code. This time I am reading it differently. The first time around (6 years ago), I was reading it and learned a lot ... Read More

About broken windows and software gardening ... - Thoughts from The Pragmatic Programmer

2013-02-16 Software-Engineering Books Culture Thoughts

These days I am writing more source code again (mostly Scala) and decided to (re)read a couple of books to refresh some thoughts and ideas and ... Read More

Reading books - Steve Jobs, Raising Boys and The Complete Robot

2009-06-18 Personal Books

A month ago I decided to use some of my time during the summer and work my way through the pile of books that I always wanted to read and never really ... Read More

FUSE Quickstart - a sneak preview

2008-11-14 Software-Engineering Books

Yes, we are busy to add new content to FUSEsource :). First we published a/the first set of FUSE TV videos and next we are going to publish a set of ... Read More

Software Engineering Radio - talking about OSGi, Rest, Opensource, ...

2008-06-23 Software-Engineering Books OSGi Open-Source

In the last four weeks a lot of people asked me about this "show" I am listening to on my way to work. It is called Software Engineering Radio and ... Read More

FUSE Master Class Series - Hidden Gem

2008-05-23 Software-Engineering Books SOA SOAP Web-Services

A couple of weeks ago, I published the first 3 videos of the FUSE Master Class Series on the wiki. Sooner or later we might link to it ... Read More

Complexity explained simple - Ciaran McHale talks about security

2008-05-20 Software-Engineering Security Books

Just finished a/the review of a great presentation on security and security concepts published by Ciaran McHale on His claim is ... Read More