Renault Zoe - STOP Electric Motor Failure

2023-04-09 Personal Environment Nerdy Tips & Tricks

I used to have a Nissan Leaf (for 6 years) and now I have a Renault Zoe (for 2 years). I was and I am very happy with these cars. I am very happy to ... Read More

The pillars of a sustainable energy future - A fireside chat

2023-03-12 Personal Augmented-by-AI Climate Environment Innovation Politics Thoughts

This blog post is interesting in more than one way, because … I am going to discuss a topic that is deer to my heart: What do we need to do to ... Read More

Can we afford to be surprised? - "Hot, hot, hot"

2023-01-14 Personal Environment Politics Thoughts

6 years ago I wrote a blog post to express that my wife loves me for a lot of different reasons and that there is no reason to be surprised about the ... Read More

TEDN - The most important tool ...

2020-04-06 Personal TEDN Environment

… is the laptop? No (but more on this later)! … is the mobile phone (with good 4G coverage)? No (and again … more on this later)! ... Read More

Do the right thing ... how hard can it be?

2017-03-19 Personal Environment

I am driving an electric car. It is a great experience. Not to a small part, because the Irish government is trying very hard to make it a good ... Read More

Why are we surprised? - "Hot, hot, hot"

2016-02-08 Personal Environment

Christina loves me. For a lot of reasons. One of them is that I have this habit of putting stuff into the microwave, heat it for 10 mins (I am ... Read More

Range anxiety? What range anxiety! (My first road trip with the BADMobile :))

2015-05-20 Personal Environment

In case you are wondering ... this is the BADMobile ... (ask me, if you want :)) ... My friend Klaus and myself have spend more time and more miles ... Read More

Smart Energy - let's bring Smart Meters, Smart Grid, Micro Grid and the software behind it together

2009-06-18 Software-Engineering Environment

A year ago I had a couple of pints with Dan Salt (Chief Software Architect at GE Energy) and we discussed the current state of affairs with respect to ... Read More